Love : Leanne and John : Denver Engagement Portrait

Leanne and John are the sweetest together. They just light up with so much love when they look in each others eyes, and they love laughing together... which I swear is one of the secrets to great marriages. I can't wait for their wedding in a few short months, it's going to be amazing. These two make a great team.

For their engagement photos we wanted to showcase some of their favorite spots in Denver. Our first stop was the Grant Humphreys Mansion, where they're getting married. It's a block from their home and they walk their sweet pup their quite often. Leanne told me that they like to take walks through the park on the weekends when there are weddings going on, dreaming about her own wedding as they listen to the music in the distance. I love that they're getting married outdoors in their awesome neighborhood. How great to be able to walk to your wedding! 

Afterwards we walked along the Platte and enjoyed the calm summer weather. There were paddle boarders braving the quickly moving water, giving us a bit of entertainment as well walked along the water taking photos. I just love this area, it's so lively during the summer. The whole neighborhood was out and about and the energy of the city was quite joyful. 

Thank you Leanne and John for a lovely afternoon!

Love and Light,

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