You & Me : a performance portrait : denver colorado

You & Me is the brainchild of Tara Rynder's
Here's a bit about You & Me is in her own words:

"You & Me is an interactive performance that first began at "Tara's House," in Denver, Colorado. It has since traveled to San Francisco, Reno, Missoula, Boulder, Earthdance and most recently completed a European tour this past fall. You & Me is a whirlwind of performance; one on one installations, music, art, dance and a sit down family style dinner. Together performances are created while live music plays and dinner is prepared by all the guests and performers. You & Me is unlike any performance I have ever experienced and the beauty I find in You & Me is the you that spontaneously adds to the performance, something only you can bring."

For more information and future show information please visit the show's website, You & Me

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