mother's day week : growing a tiny miraculous universe : maternity

I'm dedicating my blog this week to mothers. The mother's I've had the honor to photograph this year. The mother's who found out their having babies, delivering babies, raising little ones, sending their kids off to college, giving their grown-up kids away at weddings, the grandmothers, women who play the role of mother in people's lives, mothers to be and those that mother in their own ways. 

I'm beginning this celebration by honoring the magical journey of pregnancy. Growing this tiny little universe and turning it into a beautiful little soul that flutters, kicks, hiccups, dances and finds those tight little spots in your ribs. This miraculous transformation of a mother's body to nourish, care for and make a home for these amazing babies. The toll it takes, the tired times, the morning sickness and joyful baby belly rubs. 

There's no way to truly describe this special and personal experience, as it's different for every woman. For me, going through pregnancy for the second time, it seems like time is flying by. I'm more tired than with my first, I have different cravings and feel the fleeting quality of time more than ever. I'm nesting and preparing for this beautiful baby to come into this world. I have "mama-brain" times 1,000 these days. It's hard to describe what that is, but basically it's when you cannot find the words for something, misplace your keys all the darn time, lose track of time and generally feel pretty spaced out. It's like having a computer program constantly running that uses a ton of RAM in your subconscious, so your normal everyday thoughts have little space for memory and what not. But, that's such a small part of pregnancy. The other fun things like weird cravings, cheesy broccoli and lemonade are still my favorites.

One of my favorite parts of pregnancy is feeling my baby dance in my belly and push against my stomach. Oh, and hearing a baby's heartbeat... oh my, instant tears! And the tears, those happen often for me. I feel so deeply and have experienced tears of joy, stress, tiredness and for other things that seems so small.

It's such a magical and momentous time in a woman's life, the beginnings of motherhood. 9 months to prepare your mind, heart and home to transform into a new role. 

Thank you to the out-of-this-world inspiring and wondrous mothers who let me share in their pregnancies, documenting this incredible time.

Love and Light,

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