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Finnian received this super sweet camera from one of his favorite friends, Fiona, and it's been by his side every since. It's seriously the coolest camera for littles. I love being a photographer and enjoy adventuring with my little photographer, he's the cutest assistant in all the land. He loves cameras lately and always helps me pack up for shoots. He had the best time at our family portrait session with the ever talented Tara Polly where he even posed Chris and I for a few shots. Who knows if he would want to be a photographer one day, it would be fun for sure. I hope I can help guide and encourage him on whatever path he takes while letting him create his own way. Earlier this week, I asked him what he wants to be when he grows up and he exclaimed with great joy "Astronaut, I'm an astronaut!" I love how he knows what he likes these days. Keep dreaming big little man, the sky is the limit or in this case your goal. 

I'm cherishing today with my little astronaut.

Love and Light,

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